Invitation to form working group on teacher education and sustainable development

Lillehammer University College invites SUPPORT partners and members to cooperate in developing a framework for teaching about sustainable development in teacher education institutions.

We proposed this in the partner meeting in England in January and found some interested partners then - but the group is still open and we wish to know who wants to join us!

At Lillehammer, we have some ideas and experience with this, but we need to meet and plan this project together with the rest of the group. The meeting in Finland in September would be the place to have a planning meeting. In the meantime, send us an e-mail where you tell us why you are interested and a put together a few ideas you think might be important to discuss in the meeting. When we have got this input, we (Trond Jakobsen and myself) will put this together to have a starting document for the meeting in Finland.

Lars Monsen

Lillehammer University College, Norway.