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Liceul Pedagogic Mihai Eminescu High school - is a medium sized, regional public high school in Targu Mures, attended by 620 students. Mihai Eminescu High school prepares students during four years of studying in the following profiles: pedagogical skills, social- sciences, philology (intensive English or German) in Romanian and Hungarian. Since 2000, the institution has also a section, extended from “Babes- Bolyai” University from Cluj –Napoca entitled ”The Pedagogy of pre-school and primary school teaching”. This college teaches future nursery and primary school teachers, preparing them in Romanian or Hungarian languages. Between 1990-1995 and 2001-2004 there existed the only class of Gipsies, preparing them to become primary school teachers. The natural science laboratories (biology, chemistry and physics) are well equipped. The teachers are permanently interested in raising the theoretical and practical knowledge of their students, initiating programmes with school inside and outside of the country. We have collaborated with Tanarkepzo Foiskola from Kecskemet and Debrecen from Hungary, a high school in Holland, Utrecht, developing a cyber project (January- June 2006) on the European Union. The school’s French Theatre Group won awards in Italy and Spain. It has  good colaboration with local authorities and  social NGO: Alpha Transilvana, as well environmental NGO : Focus Eco Center (

Summary of your action plan in SUPPORT

This institute has competence in pre-primary and primary teacher education and basic education. It has good experience on collaboration with teachers in primary, secondary schools from Tg. Mures and the region as well as with other institution from the country and from abroad. As well we have good cooperation with parents’ community, local authorities, social and environmental NGOs. We are interested in future cooperation with other schools and institutions from the European countries because it will be a good opportunity to adapt and change mentality of SD. Liceul Pedagogic Mihai Eminescu High school will participate in this project, to contribute to the dissemination of experiences, methodologies and examples of good practices. The SUPPORT website will be useful to get more experiences, competences on educational field. It will recruit schools to participate in the network activities.